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Hello, my name is Caleb. I am a software engineer! In fact looking back I have been a software engineer for what feels like a very long time to me (upwards of 7yrs). It feels kind of strange to talk about myself, but I suppose that's one of the reasons you are viewing a page titled "Introduction" in the "About Me" section of my website. So I better deliver on your expectations to the best of my ability.

I have worn many hats in my career; however, I have a couple general driving passions that I believe better sum up my experience.

  • I like to help people

    I am passionate about projects that make peoples lives a little bit easier.

  • I like to help developers

    Yes, I know developers are technically people too, but I am especially passionate about providing tools and advice to help other developers.

  • I like to learn

    I like "staying in the know" on all the new tips, tools, and tricks of my trade. Sometimes they are helpful.

  • I like to be challenged

    I don't like tedium. I am happiest when I am working hard on finding a solution to a wild problem.

I really hope that you found what you were looking for by visiting here!